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Christian Joy

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Many who don’t belong to a church try desperately to convince themselves that they are happy. They fool everyone but themselves. Or they know they are not happy and try to drown their sorrow in drinking, drugs, sports, work, or something else to keep their minds off their unhappiness. We believe there is only one kind of true, lasting joy: “Christian Joy.” We hope this pamphlet will guide them to this joy.

Remembering the Lord’s Day

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What is the Lord’s Day? How should it be observed? Am I to devote the entire day to the Lord? These and other questions regarding the Lord’s Day are treated by Professor David J. Engelsma of the Protestant Reformed Seminary.

Christ’s Predetermined Death

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Was Jesus Christ predestined to die? We believe that every part of the crucifixion was according to the eternal purpose of God.

The Faith and Practice of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America


This pamphlet provides a brief introduction to the Protestant Reformed Churches by way of history and doctrinal beliefs.

The Christ of Arminianism

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The Bible warns us that in the last days in which we now live there will be many false Christs – those who claim to be Christ but who are imposters. The false Christ is extremely dangerous because in many ways he appears to be the True Christ. But watch out! Be warned! The Christ of Arminianism is NOT the Christ of the Bible.

The Battle for the Bible

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The church today has lost its spiritual moorings. This is evident from the introduction of various heresies into the church such as Theistic Evolution and the opening of the offices to women. This pamphlet exposes these erroneous views of Scripture and lays bare the wrong views of Scripture which are commonly held and which open the door to heresy.

Knowing the True God

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Do you know the true God? Not the God of imagination of men, but the God Who is described in the Bible? Do you know Him with and intimate knowledge so that you love Him and serve Him? These are very important questions. The Bible teaches us that eternal life is knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ. If you are to have eternal life and live with God forever in heaven, you must know God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Grace Uncommon: A Protestant Reformed Look at the Doctrine of Common Grace

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This pamphlet clears up some common misunderstandings of the Protestant Reformed teaching regarding common grace. Then it explains how common grace denies total depravity, how the free offer of the “first point” contradicts the teaching of predestination, and finally how common grace undermines the historic teaching of the antithesis. In the appendices, the reader will find the original 1924 declaration of the Christian Reformed Church on common grace along with historical notes and defense of the position that John Calvin does not support the teaching of common grace.

The Doctrine of Sovereign Elective Grace

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The electing and rejecting God is supreme. Such is the plain teaching of Scripture. To deny the sovereign character of elective grace is to deny that God is God. God does not will to save all men. To say that God indiscriminately wills to save all is to dethrone God.

The Rod and Reproof: The Loving 
Discipline of Covenant Children 

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This pamphlet is based on a sermon preached on Proverbs 29:15 in connection with the loving discipline of children. The relevance of this text to the problems faced today by Christian parents warranted the publication of the Pamphlet.

The Lord’s Hatred of Divorce

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Many today have a good word to say for divorce. Many churches bless divorce. Many professing Christians speak well of divorce. They defend it. They approve it. It is permissible. The Bible could not be clearer in conveying God’s hatred of divorce. God’s Word is sharp, God’s Word is clear. But the pain of hearing it does not lessen the importance of spreading this message far and wide, for the glory of God and the saving of marriages.

The Bondage of the Will

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There is a very serious error that is widely believed and promoted in our day, the error of free-willism. Most people believe that man not only has a will, but that his will is free. This pamphlet treats this serious error which is contrary to the Holy Scriptures.

A.D. 2000: Year of Jubilee by Papal
Indulgence Or by Reformation Gospel

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The view of the year 2000 as a year of Jubilee is that of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II has decreed that the year 2000 is a “jubilee.” One of Rome’s purposes of the jubilee is the achievement of the unity of all Christians. With respect to this ecumenical purpose, we have a controversy with Rome and Rome has a controversy with us.

The Triple Breach

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This booklet exposes the “Three Points of Common Grace” adopted by the Christian Reformed Church in 1924.

Public Worship and the Reformed Faith

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For one reason or another, worship is not the same as it used to be. Perhaps the leaders of the churches are trying to raise the attendance at the evening worship service. Perhaps the young people are not impressed with the worship anymore. What is the true worship that I must give God? This pamphlet goes on to answer this very question.

Good News for the Afflicted

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This pamphlet provides encouragement to those suffering afflictions. Teaching contentment, patience, reliance, and the glorious ways of God.

A Study in Eschatology (The End Times)

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This booklet leads you through the subject of the end times. It covers trying the Spirits, Our life after death, Evidence of our Lord’s return, The Four Horsemen, The Sealing of the 144,000, The Locust out of the Abyss, and the Eating of the Little Book.

What it means to be Reformed

This pamphlet is a printing of a lecture given on the “Reformed” beliefs and distinctions.

The Anti-Christ (Rev. Gritters)

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What is Anti-Christ? Who is Anti-Christ? How can a lover of Christ identify him? What will he look like? Where will his headquarters be? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you will be disappointed by this pamphlet. Rather, this pamphlet introduces the Anti-Christ’s identity, his purpose and methods, the Church’s calling, and Anti-Christ’s certain destruction.

Women in Church Office

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Women’s rights and feminism has made it’s way into today’s churches. This pamphlet will consider the question of women in church office.

Judging: The Christian’s Duty

Tolerance is the word of the day. We are told that we must tolerate the ideas, words, and actions of each and every segment of society. We may not pass judgement on the character of other people. This attitude is found in the Church today. How must we view this prevailing view of tolerance? The answer is in Scripture.


Try the Spirits: A Reformed Look at Pentecostalism

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This pamphlet takes a look at the effect of Pentecostalism on Reformed believers.

Sex and Dating in the Christian Life – Dating.

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Who? When? Drawing the Line. Sexual purity is extremely important. It is not a matter of curiosity. What is the standard for Christians? The only rule for faith and life is the Word of God.

God’s Sovereignty in Salvation

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King of Kings. Lord of Lords. The Most High God. The Bible teaches us that God is absolutely Sovereign. All power and authority in heaven and on earth belong to him. It can’t be any other way.

A Defense of Calvinism as the Gospel

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This pamphlet is a basic explanation of Calvinism for the non-reformed reader. It also explains that Calvinism is not an abstract theology, but Gospel.

Family Series

A selection of four pamphlets devoted to the family. They include “The Family – The Foundations are Shaking” (PDF), “The Unbreakable bond of Marriage”, “As a Father Pitieth His Children” (PDF), and “The Lord’s Hatred of Divorce” (PDF).

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