Audio Sermons

Since September 2006, every sermon preached from our pulpit has been uploaded to our online sermon repository at Browse the list of recent sermons below and listen or download the sermon of your choice today.

For more information or to find another sermon not shown here, feel free to visit our SermonAudio home page, or view this list of all sermons.

Live Service Broadcast

In case of a slower internet connection, click here for 214Kbps VIDEO, or click here for AUDIO ONLY.

If you are unable to access our live stream, contact us for assistance at Be sure to include the date and time you ran into issues, as well as how you were connecting (tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.)

NOTE: If you are connecting via an Android smartphone or tablet and the video player does not show up, you may need to follow these easy steps to clear your browser cache:

1) Open the Chrome menu, then select Settings.
2) Select the Advanced tab, then Privacy.
3) Select Clear Browsing Data.
4) Refresh the page.